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Knowing When to Quit the Poker Game


Bankroll management is crucial for long term success in poker and one of the most important methods to manage it is to know when to stop playing. This is really just a general poker tip, but it is vitally important at an online/live poker game, where it is so easy to get sucked into playing […]

Advantages of Playing Poker Online

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Some people consider online poker to provide a sub-par experience of what it’s really like to play real poker. Even though there is no face-to-face interaction, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. This article will discuss the main benefits of playing poker online. Play Anytime And Anywhere First and foremost, when it comes […]

A Shortlist of the World’s Best Poker Players


Texas poker games and Omaha poker are some of the most fascinating and engaging card games that are enjoyed by countless millions across the globe. As compared to playing real poker online, some of the most renowned tournaments are defined by extremely high pressure and equally high stakes. Therefore, it is no wonder that very […]

Playing Against Fish

2, 7 off suit the worst starting hand in texas hold'em.

The goal when playing poker is to win money and the easiest way to do it is to play against players who are inexperienced and worse then you are. These types of players are commonly referred to as fish and their inexperience will lead them to making more mistakes than you do, and this is […]

Common Poker Tells


Know about poker tells? You don’t need to be psychic to be a good poker player. After all, what you will be reading are your opponents, not the future. One of the key skills that separates good poker players from great live players is the ability to spot poker tells. Poker tells refer to any […]

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