Learning to play blackjack is easy – Follow the online blackjack tutorial


This article is about throwing some light upon playing the game of blackjack online, perfect strategy and the rules of playing this game. All of it amounts to a basic guide for the rookies. Although playing blackjack is really simple and fast, if you intend on playing it online you must go through the online […]

USA Online Casinos


This article is dedicated to all those who are interested in playing at USA casinos. It will also provide information about the promotions and bonuses offered by USA online casinos found on the web. Thousands of new online gamblers flock to the USA casinos every day as there a wealth of huge jackpots up for grabs and […]

Who Robbed Australia’s Crown Casino in Melbourne?


The media is describing the situation at Australia’s Crown Casino as an Ocean 11 style heist. In a complicated plan, involving hacking into the casino security cameras, someone has made off with $30+ Million. The facts are still coming out, and the mystery is yet to be solved. What we do know is, a gambler […]

Poker Based Casino Table Games


This morning I was looking for something to do to kill some time, and I ran across the fun site www.free-casino-games.com. The site is packed full of free casino games you can play. I didn’t want to play slots or video poker, so I took a look at some of their table games. I found […]