Short-Handed Poker Strategy


Short handed poker is played with 6 or less players at the table. This format has gained in popularity over the years thanks in large part to online 6-max poker games, which are quite often more popular than the full ring cash tables. With that being said, much of the advice discussed in this article […]

Playing Aggressive Poker


Most poker players will tell you that the best strategy for winning at poker for the most part is to play tight and aggressive. This means you want to play a narrow range of hands and play them aggressively for value. Although you typically will always want to play a tightish range or hands that […]

Online Poker Download Tips


If you’re new to playing poker games online, one area which you’ll need to understand is how to get to use the software. Online poker downloads are often necessary to play poker online. Before downloading a particular room’s software client you need to know a few things. Very few online poker rooms have a no […]

Texas Holdem Poker Book Reviews


Reading Texas Holdem poker books will certainly help anyone who has aspirations to become a successful and consistent poker player (online/live). You are wrong if you think that knowing the rules of the game and playing free poker games will make you dominate the tables at your local casino or in the online poker world. […]

Bitcoin Poker Sites


One of the latest trend in the online poker industry are bitcoin poker sites. Bitcoin is a crypto currency, created mathematically without central regulators, but more on that later. With bitcoin, the cashier systems for poker sites can be easy and instant, without the need for currency conversions. Register for  Satoshi Poker Now! Now is […]