Bovada Poker – One of the World’s Softest Online Poker Sites

BovadaOne of the most obvious factors that goes into determining your poker profits is the level of competition. And when you find online poker rooms where there are lots of fish, your chances of winning money increase dramatically. Assuming you’re interested in knowing where to begin the search for fish-friendly poker sites, Bovada makes an excellent starting point. That said, let’s further discuss why Bovada Poker is so good for recreational players.

This Poker Site is the Only Choice for Some Players

One interesting thing about Bovada is that they only serve American and Canadian players. So Bovada Poker Canada and USA players make up 100% of the tables here. This is particularly important with regard to US residents because many of these players have very limited options when playing online poker. Most of the serious pros have moved to another country so that they can grind at the biggest poker sites. This leaves rooms like Bovada with a lot of recreational players who merely want to enjoy the game.

Bovada Poker protects Amateur Players

As part of the Bodog network, Bovada was one of the pioneers in making moves to protect the fish. And this all started when the network began blocking third-party datamining companies. As many players know, skilled grinders like to use Heads-Up Display (HUD) software that gives them detailed stats on opponents whom they’ve never even seen. Obviously this is a huge advantage if you’re willing to spend the money on software and learn how to use it in real-time. So Bovada decided to ban companies from collecting data on their players, thus negating the benefits of HUDs.

The Tournaments and Cash Games aren’t Too Big

Bovada Poker definitely offers some large tournaments on a regular basis. And if you don’t believe us, just check out their $275k Gtd. Super Sundays lineup. However, the nice thing about Bovada is that their tournaments aren’t TOO big. So how can this be a good thing? Well, when an online poker room offers huge tourneys and high stakes play, they attract a lot of sharks. Obviously you don’t want that if you’re looking for easy competition, which is why Bovada’s large number of moderate-sized tournaments is appealing.

Once again, if you’re looking for soft competition at a high-quality poker room, then you can’t do much better than what Bovada has to offer.